Different Methods To Settle Your Tax Bills

There are several ways that an Arizona tax relief attorney can help you. Many attorneys actually offer their services through a law firm, where they will file your papers for you, advise you on your options, and collect your payment from the Internal Revenue Service. If you have been assigned a tax-resolution team, they will be the ones to approach the IRS with your information. However, if you decide to handle the case yourself, here are some things you should know about Arizona tax relief.

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One of the many tax relief options that an Arizona attorney can offer you is penalty abatement. With penalty abatement, you can deduct interest that you have paid on your taxes from the full amount of your tax return, thus reducing your taxable income. Your Arizona tax relief attorney can also: Evaluate your tax return and negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service to adjust any errors.

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Another method that an Arizona tax relief attorney may use to settle your tax bills is known as income transfer back. With this method, you and your tax representatives (such as the IRS) agree to settle your tax debts by paying less than what you are currently owed. You may also ask for a lump sum of money to pay off your tax bills, or you might just ask them to reduce the amount that you owe in return for a lowered rate of interest on your back taxes. In order to learn more about the income transfer back, contact a tax lawyer in your area today.

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